Burlington for Accessible Sustainable Transit
Burlington for Accessible Sustainable Transit

Municipal candidates show support for transit

The results of BFAST’s municipal candidates’ survey are in and the outlook seems good for transit in the new term of Council. With election day less than two weeks away, we hope this survey will help voters decide who to support based on their perspective on public transit in Burlington.

Sixteen of the 24 candidates for all municipal positions answered the six-question survey, including all incumbents except Ward 5 Councillor Paul Sharman. The links below will take you to a copy of the survey (as a pdf), a spreadsheet listing all of the responses and web pages that list responses question by question.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the general support for public transit in Burlington,” said survey author Jim Young. “It will be up to us to hold the elected officials to their survey promises.

“I am also encouraged by the number of respondents who were aware of and advocating for making all Burlington Transit free and who grasped the importance of provincial operating funding and the impact of transit on congestion and GHG reduction.”

Our thanks and good luck to all who responded!

Here are the links where you can read all of the answers to the survey questions:

The survey (pdf, opens in a new window)
All questions and answers in an Excel spreadsheet (file download)

Questions and answers on the web (no download):

Question 1: transit funding
Question 2: taxi service
Question 3: Covid relief funding
Question 4: Transit Advisory Committee
Question 5: Gas-tax revenue for transit
Question 6: Transit accessibility

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