Burlington for Accessible Sustainable Transit
Burlington for Accessible Sustainable Transit

Question 2: taxi service

The question: Will you support the licensing of more taxi companies for operation in Burlington to increase service and create competition which will keep prices down

The answers, by position:


James Kerr: I would like to see the current numbers before answering this in any detail. I think there is a certain ratio that must always be maintained in any city. But regarding the competition element of your question, if it is determined that more licensing is required then yes, we should move forward but with the view that we maintain a standard of quality and service with those licenses. I support competition in all business
Anne Marsden: Response not received in time for our deadline.
Marianne Meed Ward: Yes. Council has directed our bylaw staff to review the taxi license system in Burlington and report back with recommendations and updates in the next term of council.
Steve Rieck: If there is a demand, we should try to encourage EV /Electric only taxi’s like in other cities. But, we have to guage demand with ride-share services while encouraging carsharing and carpooling too. 
William Tuck: Response not received in time for our deadline.

Council, Ward 1:

Kelvin Galbraith: Yes I will support more licensed taxi operators in Burlington.  Competition in business is a good thing and can often lead to better service and pricing for the consumer.
Robert Radway: Response not received in time for our deadline.

Council, Ward 2:

Keith Demoe: I would like to see a transit system that is no charge for riders. There should be discussions at city/regional level on determining amounts and put out to public for discussion. If the contributions are coming from the community/region it may not cost all that much from an individual tax position. Having a service like this will give more people that option to ride instead of taking their car. Regarding the taxi services, I would support more licenses.
Lisa Kearns: Yes and deploy the efforts of the City’s Economic Development team to help welcome new business to the City while making life better for our residents.
Tim O’Brien: Ironically, this concern came up again today, while canvassing. There are people that depend on the taxi service. When Burlington Taxi announced the closing of it’s services, many seniors (and those without vehicles) were left stranded. We MUST move in this direction

Council, Ward 3:

Jennifer Hounslow: Response not received in time for our deadline.
Luke McEachern: Yes. Further I believe that the existing Council should be held Accountable for the Dissolution of Burlington Taxi as this was unfinished council business from the Previous Term that was supposed to be revisited and solved before the dissolution. It is in my opinion a breach of their Fiduciary Duties.
Rory Nisan: Yes.

Council, Ward 4:

Tony Brecknock: Editor’s note: Although we did not receive a written response from Tony Brecknock (possibly due to technical problems) the candidate did request a meeting and verbally expressed support for Burlington Transit and BFAST’s positions.
Olivia Duke: Yes – a variety of transit options to appeal to many different schedules and routes should be available to residents.
Shawna Stolte: I was very disappointed at the loss of Burlington Taxi, and would be very supportive of exploring whatever policies and processes require amendment to encourage more taxi companies to set up reliable and affordable taxi services in Burlington.As well I am committed to working with Economic Development Burlington to explore ways to incentivize and encourage multiple taxi companies and “car-share” business alternatives that will help in creating competitive pricing for residents.
Eden Wood: Response not received in time for our deadline.

Council, Ward 5

Andrew Hall: Response not received in time for our deadline.
Denny Pirzas: Yes, it is unfortunate Burlington lost “Burlington Taxi”. Many people depend on taxis and I see this as an essential service for our community. Taxis offer fixed prices, which helps those who are on a fixed income.
Guy D’Alesio: I believe competition is very important to protect consumers in any area of commerce. Taxi licensing has been a complex issue in North America for many years. I support increasing competition by licensing more companies. I Also believe the city should priorities licensing companies that have accessible vehicles to support the current and future needs of our aging population.
Paul Sharman: Response not received in time for our deadline.

Council, Ward 6

Angelo Bentivegna: I will support local companies who wish to receive taxi licenses. 
Rick Greenspoon:  I am unable to complete your survey in the time you have allotted. Although as a statement, I do support Burlington for Accessible Sustainable Transit, I do not have enough information and background data to answer all of your questions. 
Renato Velocci: Response not received in time for our deadline.